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Working at a soul energy station

Aug 23, 2012 #dream, #energy, #share

I “dreamt” I was working in a soul energy station.
People came in and got energy for various things.
Basically, it felt too real..
the knowledge came.
God / Universe / whatever you believe gives you all the energy / abilities / answers / etc you need to do what you need to do, answers your requests, and gives you what you want/need..

it’s what people choose to do with it … that sometimes makes it seem like the requests / prayers / magic is left unanswered.

And I felt no judgement, no pity, nothing.
They make their choices and I was doing my job.

I did feel love and connectivity and oneness

but when I gave them their energy, I could not give advice, I could not help them. I just gave it to them and they left, relieved, as souls can be, to take it back to the human body.

Then the physical form did with it what it would.

and then i awoke.
And was shocked, dazed, and knew, i KNEW it wasn’t a dream..

and was scared to share it cuz I don’t want someone to come back and tell me it was just a dream and try to interpret it.

It doesn’t need interpreting. It just is!! :)

Love you all!


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