• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Wow! Can’t believe someone would do that!

I just got chased through parts of Topeka by a madman throwing.. food.. I think? something with mayonnaise? Really gross.. Really scary!! Turned off before I reached the police station, dammit and didn’t get a tag number. :(

Honestly, I’m still shaking.
I merged into his lane and then he turned stopped to turn, I was a bit close, but did not hit him. He yelled at me (couldn’t hear him) so I blew him a kiss and drove on.

I drove up to the turning lane on the one way and the light was red. So I stopped. The next thing I knew, he was roaring in behind me like he was going to rear end me. I braced for impact but he stopped. When the light turned green he started chasing me and throwing food.

Since I was on a one way street, he was able to pull up next to me. I started to roll down my window to actually hear what he was saying (and apologize, honest!) and that’s when he started throwing food! Fortunately, it didn’t come in the window and I had it rolled up before the next round. Finally he turned off

Now I’m scared he is gonna find my house or something. Maybe he got my tag number and has some way of finding me. I’m glad John’s here, but.. wow! Not the way I wanted to start my weekend!


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