How will the Spiritual Energy of the Full Moon in Leo Affect You?!!!
Any Full Moon is an emotional, high tide time when you can assess where you are emotionally. Whenever the Full Moon is in Leo, the Sun is in Aquarius because the Moon and Sun are always opposite each other at a Full Moon. This Full Moon occurs with a lot of emotional potency with it being in the Sign of Leo and next to the planet more

Anger is an emotion that, put to good use, can actually be beneficial.  However, if you’re like me, perhaps you have a tendency to stuff your anger down until it eats at you, or maybe you let it get to you so badly that you blow up at innocent bystanders.  Here is a spell you can do to help you transform your anger energy from something hard, cold, or unmoving into something life-giving (and work off the stress in the process).… read more