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A gobble of tarot readings (from a tarot group I’m in..)

Nov 19, 2008 #joke, #Tarot, #turkey

This fellow (picture below) walks into your plush tarot studio and wants a professional tarot reading. He has a funny feeling something in his life isn’t as it seems and he can’t explain why he feels so peculiar this week.
It’s the week before Thanksgiving. Pick a 2 card spread of your choice and give him a reading….
My reading of him is below.
Have fun!
My 2-card spread: Situation and Advice…..
Situation: Wheel of Fortune, Reversed.
Hi Mr. Gobbler. Thanks for coming to me today for a tarot reading. Have a seat, sir.
Well, your first card here is the Wheel of Fortune, reversed. This card is about taking your chances, and, well, it looks like what goes up must come down. The farmer has been good to you and times have been fertile with plenty of food…but there is a foreshadowing of things to fall. This seems to be related to some cycle coming. Something seasonal, perhaps?
Things change. Your lucky cycle seems to be shifting, at least for the near future. Be alert, there are some things over which we have very little control. Although sometimes we have to do things that are the opposite of what we may want, it may be prudent to have the courage to pull away when necessary.
Advice: Two of Wands, reversed
Hmmm… The Two of Wands, also reversed. Most peculiar, Mr. Gobbler. For some reason it looks like you may have overlooked some important details in planning toward your future developments. Overconfidence is not the key here; backward motion is indicated. Hmmmm…it looks like it may be time to put some distance between yourself and your personal affairs. It seems there may be some opposition that has arisen, a challenge, and you may find yourself meeting it head on. This card favors partnerships, but because of its reversal, there seems to be some break or block in the partnership between you and someone in your life…perhaps your boss? Mr. Farmer? Yours is a situation where you may want to maintain dual identities. Look outside your world…. perhaps in the near future, you might want to take a visit to the chicken coop and see what the world there looks like.
Perhaps in a month’s time, then your Wheel of Fortune will have turned upright again and you’ll be prepared for a fairer gamble.
Much luck to you, Mr. Gobbler, and Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, may I interest you in this chicken costume that arrived by accident today at my store? I thought there might have been a good reason why it arrived her by mistake. Yes, now it has a good home.
The best of luck with business, Mr. Gobbler. Have a great week.


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