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a Tarot reading on a very powerful day…

Aug 16, 2008

Yes, today there is balance. Mother Earth caused an eclipse of the Moon, just as two weeks ago, there was an eclipse of the Sun. In between all that was the date 8-8-08.

I feel something in the air..
some feel it, some do not.. but there is something going on…

After I did a full house cleansing (during the eclipse since it happened to be on the other side of the world) and a very powerful house protection spell. (wow.. those energies!! Oh My Goddess!!!), I had an urge to lay a tarot reading..

Basically, it was simple. The state of the world.. everything that is going on… what’s happening and what’s going to happen. The results were… interesting! *grin*

First thing that happened was I had an escaped card. It jumped right out of the deck. I always lay these off to the side, because they obviously want to tell me something.. *smile*

This particular card was the Page of Cups.
Hmm.. It signifies Beginnings….

I am most comfortable with the Celtic Cross spread, so that is what I used. Sometimes cards come off the deck in couples.. so I end up keeping them as doubles in whatever position was next. This happened twice in this spread.

I’m going to just number the cards since I really don’t want to take a pix.. (hmm.. although.. I just might do that… later)

Anyway… the very first card, the top card was…

1. Death

2. The Moon
3. Knight of Clubs
4. High Priestess and Two of Clubs (reversed)
5. Strength
6. Ace of Clubs
7. Ten of Cups
8. Ten of Coins (reversed)
9. Three of Clubs
10. King of Clubs (reversed) and Five of Swords (reversed)

More later… but if anyone wants to comment or email me, feel free!!

All I can say right now is…Wow.

Are you ready?
The Bell Ringer has said “It is Time”


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