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A joyful card for me now

Jun 12, 2012

Six of Cups – You are experiencing the presence of healing, revitalizing, renewing, regenerating emotional pleasure. Happiness will come from past memories. A new relationship and environment is now possible – you will experience the harmony of natural forces without effort or strain. A chance to relocate, a new job offer, new friends who will have much in common – an inheritance that will bring surprises. You will experience the exchange of love and pleasure that two people can bring to each other. Take advantage of your opportunities to let dear ones know how you feel – do not hold back. You are a romantic who will always fall for the hearts-and-flowers routine, you enjoy being showered with love and you are hungry for tender words and a caring touch. Benevolent emotions, dreams, sweet memories – warm, secure feelings that help you face current problems. Giving and receiving – the teacher or protector gives wisdom and security to the student, friend or family member. Six of Cups

Here are the feelings of love and respect, caring involvement in the emotional and creative affairs of those closest to you, especially the family. The level of the sixes teaches the necessity for expansion beyond the self, not only into our blood relatives, but into the broader range of an extended family with which we can share the close emotions formerly reserved only for our bloodline. Good memories of the sort only intimacy, interdependence and time well spent can bring. Emotional and creative generosity, self-sacrifice. Sincerity, good manners, charm, compliments, sincere flattery, sympathy/empathy. Work, professions relying on these qualities. Emotional recognition.

Questions to Answer: What memories or relationships from the past have reappeared? What insight or awareness have they provided? What is renewing and revitalizing you? What is bringing you pleasure? How are children or childlike enjoyments meaningful in your current situation? What do you give in friendship? What kind of friend are you?


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