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A pix and a dream

Dec 6, 2010 ,

First, I saw this pix on MySpace.
OMG. (It’s a big image, make sure it loads and that you can see the light movement across it, as it lights up hidden aspects. It’s gorgeous and it’s worth it!!)

So, my dream. The nightmare I had until I was a teenager.

The one where I (or someone) is driving along the road and suddenly the road disappears. Terrifying nightmare.

I always attributed (once I met my Bio-Mom) to her experience while I was in her womb.

Tonight, it was brought to my attention that with my empath skills, it may have been my Bio-Dad.

Not only that, it might have been my Bio-Dad’s last moments.

That’s deep.
Tonight’s dreams.. I hope they are as deep and as enlightening.

Leigh Shella.

Amazing!! :)

Blessed Be


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