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Almost 11 pm

Sep 14, 2008 #aphrodite, #thorik

And Thorik hasn’t even left her handfasting yet to come home.

Yeah. I’m pissed.

He should have been halfway home by now.
He doesn’t give a shit about me.

He did good earlier, before he left, when I said “I only hope that someday you will love me as much as her” and he said “No! No! No! No!” — “I already love you more than I’ve ever loved her!”
and that helped.

Till about a half hour ago when I STILL haven’t heard from him, which means, he STILL isn’t on his way home… which means, he isn’t even THINKING about me.

I’ve sent him some ugly texts.

First one, about 10 pm was nice.
“Well? Is it over? Are they married? Leaving soon?”

then, at 10:30,
“I’m going to bed at elevenish. Had thought you’d be halfway home by now.”

And finally, close to 11pm,
“Goddamnit Thorik! There’s no fucking reason for you to have stayed this long. None. You don’t give a shit about my feelings. She will always come first won’t she? *crying*”

Hopefully not true.. but right now.. I don’t know. I just don’t know.
He and I are supposed to be handfasted on November 1st, but right now, I’m just hurting and pissed. Not really sure what will happen, but I sure as hell ain’t happy.
Someone better be dead or dying.

Why oh why does it always seem that she gets her own way with him?

Oh, he took her back her guitar that she gave him for moving her one of those many times. He said it was because I don’t want him playing. That’s not exactly what I said, it was more like, I don’t want you to have late night sessions playing cuz I’d never see ya. (Kinda like the song Beth).

So, what happens now. I’ll smoke too many cigarettes and go to bed soon, I suppose. If he isn’t back by morning, I don’t know. Maybe the doors will be locked. LOL Although he does have keys… but not to the top lock. Hmmm..

I hate this. I hate that he jumped up and went to this fucking thing on a Sunday night. A school night for my son and a work night for me.
I hate that she planned it on this date, and when he asked if she could change the date, she asked him “How important is it for you to be here for this?”

And he said: “Important enough that what ever date you decide on is fine! I’ll find some way to make it!”

That hurt.
Yeah. Dunno why, but it hurt bad.
Yeah, I do know why. It meant, to me, no matter what I said or did, he’d be there for HER!

And now it is 11pm, FOUR FUCKING HOURS after the handfasting was supposed to have started, and I haven’t heard from him. I even texted Corkyy to see if she’d at least let me know if they were married.. but nothing from her either. I suppose it is possible there is no signal, but then again, he STILL shouldn’t need to be there this long.

He might as well not bother coming home at all. Pointless.
Prally get himself killed.
And I will never, in a thousand hells, ever forgive her for that.

And I told him that before he left. If something happened to him, it would be her that I would never forgive.

Gods, I’m so pissed.
Need to calm down.
Gonna post this.
Maybe he will text soon.

It’s now 11pm on the dot.



Why me?

11:22 pm
I got a text that he’s finally on his way.

I texted him back saying: “What took so long? You should have left a couple hours ago!!”

Oh, then he musta read my text, cuz he sent back “No she will not!”
Yeah. Right. Guess we’ll see.

At least he is finally on his way.
It’ll be fucking nearly FOUR AM before he gets home.
IF he gets home safe.
Gods, I’m still pissed.

Oh, his fucking excuse, “He was blocked in!!”


He said he was sorry.
And my text back was : “Yeah. You’re always sorry AFTER the fact. If you would have even tried, they woulda moved. Bet ya didn’t even try to leave till after ten. And I bet the ritual was over before 9.”

I deleted something else I texted… it didn’t send, I don’t think.

But then, I sent one final text: “If anything happens to you, her life is over. And there won’t be anything left for reincarnation.”

Gods.. The anger…

He made it home about 2:15 am


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