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Dieting Day Three

Apr 20, 2018 ,

I weighed in this morning at 154

6:30 am
Weighed in 154

Ate 1/2 of the egg

30 minutes of yoga!

7:30 am
The rest of the egg

Heidy’s right so far, I don’t have that starving feeling!!!
*fingers crossed that it lasts*

8:30 am
Moon Cycle tea

9:30 am
Green Tea

9:45 am
20 minute walk
and wow! I feel great!! :)

10:30 am
Chickweed tea

11:30 am
Cheese and crackers

12:30 pm
Nettle tea

1:00 pm
2 slices of the apple

1:30 pm
Yogi Tea

2:00 pm
2 more slices of the apple

2:30 pm
3 Fennel Tea

3:00 pm
2 more slices of apple

3:30 pm

4:00 pm
Last 2 slices of apple

6-8:00 pm
Bread and Crab

10:00 pm
Ice cream

Friday morning weigh in: 153

6 pounds in 3 days.
I’m good with that.


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