• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Dieting Day Two

Apr 18, 2018 #3 day diet, #military diet

Why yes. Yes I am hungry.
And that first slurp of coffee that I would hope eliminate some of the hunger pangs burnt my tongue. Joy.

6:30 am
weigh in 156

Woah?? Fluke? Did I really lose 3 pounds????

6:33 am
Yup, checked again. 156!!

6:35 am
1/2 egg

6:40 – 7:20 am

7:30 am
The rest of the egg.

As I feel like I’m totally starving, I decided that the bread wasn’t going to be enough until lunch. (I’d already decided the banana would be my afternoon snack to slowly munch on). I packed 1/2 of the lunchtime’s cottage cheese to help me through my morning. I must admit I licked the spoon after I put the 1/2 cup into tupperware…

8:30 am
Moon Cycle Tea and started nibbling my bread.

9:00 am
1/2 cup of Cottage Cheese

9:30 am
Green Tea! :)

9:45 am
20 minute walk!! (and it was chilly and the wind was blowing!!! WOW!! LOL)

10:30 am
Nettle tea

11:30 am
Egg and the other 1/2 of cottage cheese

12:30 pm
1 saltine cracker and 1/8th of the banana

1:30 pm
Chickweed tea

Feeling it today. Not sure how long I will last.
ate two more saltine crackers.
I should have brought carrots or broccoli to work with me too.
Yesterday was much easier.

Finished off the saltine.
Finished off 1/4 of the banana. (Now only half is left)

2:00 pm
Yogi Tea

3:00 pm
Three Fennel Tea

That Yogi tea really helped. I wonder if it is because of the cinamon.

3:30 pm
1/8 of the banana

4:00 pm
Camomile tea

4:30 pm
Last 1/8 of the banana

6-9:00 pm
2 hot dogs

10:00 pm
Ice Cream!!
(no I didn’t, but I almost did, lick the bowl…)

Tomorrow, I’m totally rearranging everything.
Seriously, Egg for breakfast works really well.
1/2 banana to take to work
Cheese and crackers for lunch
Apple for afternoon snack
Bread with crab for dinner

Hmm.. I also found out
“as estrogen levels drop, body fat is redistributed from the hips, thighs and buttocks to the abdomen”

so that’s why I look “preggie”
*sigh *

Well, for Planet Comicon, my waist was a terrifying 38
I’m now down to about 36


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