• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Disbelieving the Law of Attraction doesn’t make it go away

“Hate to burst the big ol’ Law of Attraction bubble, but it just can’t be. And, there are other kinds of magic besides the kind that attracts. There is repelling magic such as banishment and impelling magic such as bindings. What about those? I’m not attracting a person by sending them away from me?”

Fire Lyte, I love your blog! :) and your PodCasts, Generally I’m in full agreement with you, but not this time.

Like defining paganism, though, I don’t think there really is a right or a wrong. It’s what a person believes that makes it real.

All these laws (and yes, there are so many laws and they often do seem to oppose each other) aren’t necessary totally contradicting each other. There are times that the Law of Gravity wouldn’t affect people, ie space.  Physical laws, are concrete, physical laws that can be tried and tested under certain specific conditions. Then there are Natural Laws which are often less tangible.

Here is my Hypothesis (neither law nor theory) :) and no way to scientifically truly take it any further, but I enjoy the philosophical challenge as well as the rhetoric, so here goes.
The Law of Attraction is a natural law which I think also may touch the realm of quantum physics.

First, the scientific idea about the energies leaving our brains aren’t going to go pick up a Ferrari. Yes, I agree, but there are energies, and I’m sorry, but the scientists don’t have a means of monitoring this energy once it leaves the brain. We now cross over into the realm of quantum physics and everything there is still so new and the observer (person or machine) changes what happens. (I do enjoy some of the footage in What the Bleep).

Second, why does the Law of Attraction work for some people? It’s a manipulative law, first you must believe, then you will see. I do see the results of the LOA on a daily basis. I saw it before I knew what the LOA was and worked with it then. (It was a delightful day when I first read about the LOA after believing it was just something like instant karma.)

Third, magic is energy. Energy is magic. In my personal world of paganism, everything is energy therefore everything is magic. I’m no scientist, but I’ve tested my theories in my personal life. Like attracts like, yes, negativity is a perspective, but perspectives are still energy.

I haven’t forgotten the other types of energies. The other “laws” – Repelling, opposites attract, etc. The opposites attract law, jumps back into the realm of physical if one is talking about magnets. Then it jumps back into natural law when one talks about people. Opposites attract in relationships, but so does like attract like. There is no law here because all people are different and what it truly comes down to is intent. If one wants balance in a relationship, it’s possible that one will attract an opposite. If one wants equality in a relationship, one will attract like. These attractions are based on chemistry because generally there must also be a physical desire in addition to all the qualities that drew one towards the other.

Negativity. No, not, nicht, nope, all negative contractions, suffixes and prefixes.  I guess there have been studies that the humans have and use more negatives than positive. I have also read that negative thoughts take more energy than positive thoughts. (scientifically measurable? I doubt it. At least not yet..)  Wouldn’t just the idea of being positive be reason enough to put positive twists on things? Is it so hard to say, “I want to keep my job” as opposed to saying “I don’t want to lose my job” — technically there are two negatives there. The “not” contraction of don’t and the “lose” which is signifies loss all by itself. If that isn’t enough reason to avoid the negative, the positive one is shorter and more simple than the negative twist. I’m certain this doesn’t happen all the time, but if we start practicing putting positive twists on our thoughts and wording, it’ll get easier and add a little extra positive punch in life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a defensive pessimist. To me, it’s like a “magical ward” against everything bad that can happen. I must think of everything that could possibly go wrong as a defense. Once I think of it, either it won’t happen or I’m prepared for it. I don’t dwell, however, so the Law of Attraction does not apply. (Not enough energy goes into my brief thoughts to manifest the negative result.)

Now it’s time for the tricky part. *grin* Laws are tested “tested under certain specific conditions” as I stated above. The Law of Attraction isn’t physical, so to have the conditions set up exactly the same way each time is impossible. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work nor does it mean that it isn’t a law. It just makes it harder to test and prove.

There are people who swear by it. I’m one of them. (I don’t have a money tree, though).  In my life, my Law of Attraction is the happiness and pay it forwardness that I spread. It makes every day a good day (even when my bank account is in the hole) because, as a pagan I believe in the afterlife (reincarnation) and karmic debt. This has nothing to do with money. I have always found that if I really needed money for something (survival) it would show up. (An additional job, a friend, a family member, a long-forgotten life insurance policy — no, never the lottery, though). The Law of Attraction is evident in so many aspects of my life. It’s in my friends, it’s in my family, it’s in my attitude, it’s in the beauty I see each day, the bird song, the crazy Kansas wind, the storms, the weather, it’s a wonderful energy that I live and breathe on a daily basis, and it brings so much good into my life. My home, my job, my friends, my family, my experiences, the way good things “just happen” for me.  This brings it back to being personal again, yet I believe it and I see it in others and I read stories about it online.  It’s real! ;) It really is!

Simply put:

The Law of Attraction works for some people.  (fact)
I firmly believe it is possible for the Law of Attraction to work for ALL people. (hypothesis)
The Law of Attraction is not going to work exactly the same for all people, even if it does work for all people. (theory)
Thoughts are energy. (fact)

Therefore, I will continue my path of using my thoughts to create and believe in the Law of Attraction. Along the way, if I can help others learn to manipulate the Law of Attraction, all the better!


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