“Hate to burst the big ol’ Law of Attraction bubble, but it just can’t be. And, there are other kinds of magic besides the kind that attracts. There is repelling magic such as banishment and impelling magic such as bindings. What about those? I’m not attracting a person by sending them away from me?”

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I shared this with a friend. Yes, the sharing was tinged with a bit of embarrassment, but, you know, if it works (and it does) I should share it… so here it is!! *blushing* yet proud! :)


Okay, so. I’m guilty of singing in the shower.. LOL
I really have liked this lately.
First, I sing
Earth my Body
Water my Blood
Air my Breath
And Fire My Spirit


So, the chakra’s are
Lower Back
Sex organs (I use the location of my fallopian tubes, hands on my hips)
Belly Button
Forehead (intuition, very important)
and Crown (top of my head)

So, I sing, and as I sing a verse or two, I hold my hands over each chakra point, starting with my back.… read more

I’m starting to get scared. What if I can’t really teach? What if the administration do not like how I teach? All kinds of crazy thoughts are running through my head. *sigh*

It’s just not fair. I love to teach, I know I usually do a good job, but now that school starts in three days I sadly start to doubt myself.… read more