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Does this sound like a child with ADHD? (requiring medication?)

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From my parents:

Your son is on task in the classroom about 72% of the time. This means that he is more focused this year, is getting his assignments done at school, is not bothering classmates, etc. He is doing well, staying in line when the class moves in the hall, is eating fairly well at lunch, only one minor incident reported on the playground at recess, and the counselor said that a student complained about your son throwing a ball. Mrs. Allsion said that it was minor, and did not amount to anything that bothered her. He is staying in his seat, in the classroom, not walking about the room, etc.
The down side: In Music, PE, sometimes Art (but not as much), he is not a discipline problem, but in these less structured settings, he will still tend to lose focus, and get restless. Mr. Tillona mentioned that last year when he would see your son in the hall, he would sort of wander aimlessly, and appear lost in thought. This year he maintains his place in line, and when, alone, seems to know exactly where he is going, etc. The point was made that your son now feels a part of the school, and is much more comfortable being at TCS, for the second year in a row. This has increased his self-confidence.
Writing is still a problem. Mrs. Allison is going to send home practice sheets, as your son really needs to work on his writing skills.
The school will continue to monitor your son, and they still want to meet with all of you, when you are available.
If you have any questions, just e-mail, or give us a call. Think this covers the main points.


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2 thoughts on “Does this sound like a child with ADHD? (requiring medication?)”
  1. Sounds like a kid who is finally resigned to being bored and unchallenged by the curiculum. Kids are great at responding to challenges; their response of either excitement or ‘uht-oh’ can be used by skilled educators to gauge if they are teaching at a level the kids can work with. Not all kids respond well to being stuffed into the same mold as their peers. As parents, WE are ultimately responsible for preparing our children for the future, including their education. If the establishment for the masses (public schools) are not proving to be the best tools for preparation, it’s up to us parents to shoulder the burden to get our kids ready to lead all those molded lemmings later on in life.

    Stay on top of it, keep him interested and challenged even if it means he ‘acts ups’ in class because his mind is active and seeking input again. Educators in general are trained in molding the masses, and they don’t always know the best way to deal with an individual that resists being smashed into thier molds.

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