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My son’s dream…

Sep 5, 2008 #dream, #son, #witch, #wizard

My son had a wild dream last night. (Updated 6pm)

He dreamt that he was going into a shop and in the shop was wizards and witches.

There was also this guy, in the shop, and he told my son it was all lies. Witches and Wizards and such. He gave my son a book that was about Witches, Wizards, Werewolves and Vampires.

He said that I was there and I told him “They aren’t lies”.

Then I told him something about connections.
“Boys who liked boys who liked boys who liked boys” and they were to become Wizards. And the same would happen for four girls, just like the boys.

But my son was friends with C and his brothers A and T, and all 4 of them became Wizards. And all 4 of the girls became witches. (One of the girls had blue eyes.)

They were powerful except for T because he’s a baby.

Unusual dream….
Wonder what it means?


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