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Oct 4, 2006

It might seem like speaking honestly will solve absolutely anything, but things are not as simple as they appear. Your best strategy now is to sincerely communicate in the spirit of making a sticky situation better. Unfortunately, as clever as you are, it’s difficult to know what is real these days. Still, putting your finger on the elusive truth can ease the tension.


Haunting yet again.

yeah, went to the “bosses” office today.
Wanted to know my plans for continuing with the company.

I said I was looking, cuz I know there are problems here and I am, after all, low man on the totem pole.

he said he appreciated my honesty.


I'm Me!

2 thoughts on “Honesty..”
  1. I did end up emailing him to tell him I would be late because of a job interview.
    Nothing was ever said. He never even asked me how it went.

    Friday it was announced that layoffs begin next week.

    I’m guessing I’ll be outa there sometime next week. *sigh*

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