• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Life is a puzzle…

Jan 2, 2007

So many pieces… and sometimes they even change. A piece that fits one moment may not fit the next….

A piece that fit one way many years ago, may suddenly fit in yet another years later…

My son is living with me now.
The cat that came into my home and never seemed to fit has found a person to belong to. Someone who needs her as much as she needs him.
I have someone to talk movies and books and such with once again.
I also have a new friend.

My credit cards are now all maxed out. The basement is moving along, but until I get more money, it’s just gonna be bits and pieces. (More puzzles)

And some people in my life (friends AND family) think I may be going through PRE-menopause.

I’ve lost weight. Might be all the heat in my office at work. Makes it tough to eat. My size 8’s are falling off of me, and even my size 6’s are loose. I just thought that Dillards made sizes smaller, but I’m noticing that the size 4’s fit nicely.
Hey, I’m not TRYING to lose weight. I’m certainly not on a diet…

There has been a bit of stress in my life lately…. but still…

The pieces that are still missing.
Where is my 60K + /year job?

Others puzzles are falling apart and at the same time making room for new pieces.
A period of trial and error and change.
Once again, I am caught in the middle, but this one, at this particular moment, at least, doesn’t seem to be too bad. It has the potential to get ugly, but then again, it also has the potential to heal.

The next few months should be quite interesting.
Stay tuned…


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