• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

my horoscope for yesterday (Friday, Oct 22)

You may find yourself defending your position vigorously today, which could be because of feelings of righteousness. Being uncompromising rarely brings peace to a situation and keeps us from understanding fully what all sides have to offer. You can see how inflexibility can be a problem by looking at trees during a storm: Those that cannot sway are broken. Though we have the power to create our experience with our thoughts, we are still cocreators with a universe that knows far more than we do. The wisdom of the universe orchestrates seasons and planetary orbits along with the most delicate balance of ecosystems down to the smallest cells. When we can admit we do not know everything, we concede that we cannot possibly be absolutely right, making us open to receive greater understanding to reach a truly workable solution. Today you can look beyond the need to be right to see the importance of a greater good.

We are all teachers and messengers of the universe, and we all have a purpose and a path. By being unwilling to consider the thoughts of others, we narrow our ability to expand our worldview. Truth and the wisdom of the universe have a strength that requires no defense. If you feel you must vigorously defend a position to the point of inflexibility, perhaps it is not strong enough to withstand a storm of questions and debate. Today, if you truly believe in your convictions, there will be no need to defend them but instead live them and teach by example.


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