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My next version…. thoughts?

Jun 27, 2006

(This is what I sent….)

I understand your frustration with the IMS project as I share your concerns. I have repeatedly made my views on this project known, along with my suggestions for completing this project in a more appropriate manner.

I wanted this job because of all the potential of learning new things and all the great people I would be working with. It seemed like a great team environment and I wanted to be part of that team.

IMS was handed to me as a last resort and it was handed to me after holding it since October 2005, I believe. Not a problem, I thought it would be a team effort.

I can do this project and I feel I have done a great job with the limitations that I have had. I had to create, from scratch, a program in less than 3 months that should have taken 6 months or more. I am astounded and quite proud of myself.

Unfortunately since it was rushed, it was never tested properly.  Business rules that were changed in the middle of programming were thrust upon me without time given to make room for the changed.  Coding was interrupted because the site didn’t look right.  Each of these changes required an extra week of programming, but I was still required to keep the same timeline.

It wasn’t until the end of April that I actually got my hands on the IMS sample.

After getting that and taking a few days to make those changes, IMS continued to ask for changes and additions.

Once again, the code behind, that would make it work, was set aside to make the site look exactly how they wanted. This is normal.

What is not normal, is the request for changes without time given to make them. This is defined by a change rule that states that changes made after the fact are not only costly, but time consuming and add time to the final deadline.

The code has suffered because of this situation and I had (as even Brete’s been known to say) to go back and figure out where the heck I was at last time and try to pick up where I left off. This is difficult to do under the best of circumstances, but to do this after 3 or 4 days of design changes was near miraculous.
 This has caused serious stress. Last month, I began expressing my stress and even wrote a document about my involvement in the project and all that I accomplished. I also mentioned that the expectations for the completion of IMS were unrealistic and unattainable for one person alone. Assistance has not been easy as I know Mike has other projects.
  Mike has helped when he was able. .EDIT is a new program to me and I have learned it as quickly as I possibly could. I am very pleased with how quickly I’ve learned and adapted. Even with my strong feelings that this project would not be accomplished or completed properly and on time. No one has positively acted upon my repeated
comments and concerns.

I was told that it was possible for me to work from home on occasion. Nothing regular, but occasionally. My childs health necessitates that I work from home today.

(And already this evening, Kevin is complaining about a stomach ache.)

I have done what I could today. The error messages indicated that a ghost line is looking for a file that does not exist. Another error was that there was too many connections. As for the pricing, I was promised that in the form of a spreadsheet, which I never received.

And now I see that April is complaining about how time consuming it is to put a newsletter together. That is one issue that I am uncertain that we will even be able to fix!

This situation is making me physically ill, now. Each time something goes wrong, my stomach clenches up and my head starts to pound. Sleeping at night is near impossible with the dreams and the fears and just the what ifâ??s and other stress related problems.

Iâ??m honestly stuck. I donâ??t know what else I can do and I donâ??t know how much more of this I can handle.

Thank you for listening,


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