• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

My son’s birthday!

Jun 25, 2006

I survived. He had a blast!

We only had one school friend of his show up.. :(
And his best friend here in Topeka, Gabe, (Gabe’s mom was my best friend since college, Gabe and Kevin are only 3 months apart!! :)

And the neighbor’s kids came too. They are new to the neighborhood, but they seem really cool! I’m glad they came… very friendly, good people.

Ah…. SOOO glad the day of dealing with my parents is over. My mom got one of her migrane’s of course. Poor Dad. She is sick all the time…. (hypochondriac).

My brother came, it was wonderful to see him, but it was brief cuz he went with my parents back to visit them. He lives in Houston now. I don’t get to see him enough, so of course, he had to leave with Mom sick… sucks. I wish I had a couch and/or an extra car so he could have stayed. I don’t know when I may see him again.. *sad sigh*

There are two people in this world that I love more than anything. My son and my brother. I would die for either of them.

I’m pretty tired. LOOOONG ass day.

Work called Saturday… but I couldn’t reproduce the problem. I think my boss may have been using an older version of Java, because I didn’t even get an error message. Basically it timed out, and when I suggested that (via email) I never heard a response back. LOL. It was hinted at that perhaps I stuck it to him, especially if the Java WAS old and him being my I.T. manager and unable to figure that out.

Yeah.. more of those damn work issues.
Oh well. I didn’t get any error messages in my email (I have every single error message sent to my work AND personal email… and now I have VPN access to fix some of them.. unfortunately, however, the VPN does not connect me to the mySQL server so that could get frustrating. I might mention that at work tomorrow.. yeah.. fuck. It’s gonna suck having to work tomorrow… blah.. I could just sleep!!!! I’m so tired…)

In a nutshell. Kevin loved his water slide. I got some good pix. He had fun. The food was good. (We had too much since so few people showed). Kevin’s dad called to wish him a happy birthday and for once he and I didn’t “bitch” and Kevin’s Dad’s new wife called so he could talk to his half-sister. She misses him, I guess.

Now, the aftermath cleaning time and then off to bed.


Oh, and if you are wondering what the hell I am doing up here writing this, Kevin just went to bed, but he likes it when I stay upstairs for a few mintues until he goes to sleep, so I figured I would share my day…

Well, I’ve done my few minutes…

nighty night!!
and Pleasant Nightmares…..


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