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Start within.. and then move to the outside

Jun 12, 2007

Some of you know that I’ve been struggling lately with the horrors of the world. I’ve been looking for roses among the thorns and hoping to find good things. I’m going to take this DailyOM one step further. I’m going to start classes in my home, as suggested by Elise in Capital City Pagan’s group. We will begin by discussing Be A Goddess by Francesca de Grandis. I will soon ask people if they are available and if they are interested and see what interest there is. Then I will find out what days/times work best and go from there. I’m really excited. I’m going start within myself, within my community and continue with my dream of a pagan network that I started so many years ago now. The Flinthills Pagans was a failure in the sense of a non-profit pagan organization, but my dream lives on. I think I just tried to move too quickly with too many logs on the fire…
I will do better. New community. New friends (with lots of the old friends too, of course) and maybe this time I will get it right!

Owning The Roots

Leading By Example

We all know from experience that we can’t change other people, yet most of us have a tendency to try. This is because we naturally feel the need to do something to change situations that we find troubling. It often doesn’t occur to us that the best way to create change is not to try to convince others to change but to change ourselves. When we make adjustments from within, we become role models for others, and leading by example is much more inspiring than a lecture or an argument.

We sometimes look outside ourselves for what’s wrong with the world, but the outside world is really just a mirror reflecting us back to ourselves. When we encounter negativity—anger, depression, fear—we empower ourselves by looking for its roots inside of ourselves. For example, if you have a friend who is unreliable, observe yourself and notice if there are ways in which you are unreliable. You may be surprised to discover that you have your own struggles with this issue in ways you weren’t able to see. Once you own the issue for yourself, you can begin to work for change within yourself. This will also enable you to have more compassion for your friend. At the very least, as you strive to become more reliable, you will become more of the person you want to be. In the best-case scenario, you will be an inspiration to others.

You can apply the same method to larger issues. For example, if there is something you see in the larger world that you would like to change—let’s say, greed—try taking responsibility for changing it in yourself. Instead of being angry with those you see as greedy, seek out the roots of your own greed and come to terms with your power to transform it. This may be the best way to lead the world toward greater moderation and generosity.


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