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The universe puts nothing in your path that you are incapable of handling,

Oct 6, 2006

Then why am I so scared? Layoffs begin at my job next week. I’m low man on the totem pole… but EVERYONE is wondering who is gonna get laid off. *sigh* I just wish I knew for sure.. so I could plan.. blah.

Where You Need To Be Timing Can Be Everything

Since human timetables quite often do not correspond with universal timetables, it’s common for people to feel that life is progressing too slowly or too quickly. We draft carefully composed plans only to find that they fall into place when we least expect. Or, conversely, we are thrust into roles we believe we are not prepared for and wonder how we will survive the demands imposed upon us by unfamiliar circumstances. When delays in our progress kindle pangs of disappointment within us or the pace of life seems overwhelming, peace can be found in the simple fact that we are exactly where we need to be at this moment.

Every person fulfills their purpose when the time is right. If you have fast-tracked to success, you may become deeply frustrated if you discover you can no longer satisfy your desires as quickly as you might like. Yet the delays that disappoint you may be laying the foundation for future accomplishments that you have not yet conceived. Or the universe may have plans for you that differ from the worldly aspirations you have pursued up until this point. What you deem a postponement of progress may actually represent an auspicious opportunity to prepare for what is yet to come. If, however, you feel as though the universe is pushing you forward at too fast a clip, you may be unwittingly resisting your destiny. Your unease regarding the speed of your progress could be a sign that you need to cultivate awareness within yourself and learn to move with the flow of fate rather than against it. The universe puts nothing in your path that you are incapable of handling, so you can rest assured that you are ready to grow into your new situation.

You may feel compelled to judge your personal success using your age, your professional position, your level of education, or the accomplishments of your peers as a yardstick. Yet we all enjoy the major milestones in our lives at the appropriate time-some realize their dreams as youngsters while others flourish only in old age. If you take pride in your many accomplishments and make the most of every circumstance in which you find yourself, your time will come.


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3 thoughts on “The universe puts nothing in your path that you are incapable of handling,”
  1. A Garth Brooks song comes to mind… Somthing about thanking God for unanswered prayers…
    Who of us has not had something happen to us that we cursed when it happend, yet it was instrumental in us becoming who we are today? I know that I have experienced many such events throughout my life. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. It is the nature of Life.

  2. “Sometimes I thank God..For unanswered prayers..Remember when you’re talkin’, to the man up-stairs..That just becuase he doesnt answer, doesnt mean he dont care..Some of God’s greatest gifts..are un-answered prayers.”

    That’s the refrain to that song Drogan mentioned. come to think about it, that song fits me pretty good myself right now. Ran into one of my old g/f’s from high school earlier this week. and going by what i heard that night, im glad that relationship is a friendship now and not intimate. i’d have gotten into a LOT of trouble if it would have continued intimate, even though at the time, that is what i wanted.

  3. I absolutely hate that platitude. If no one got more than they could handle suicide wouldn’t exist. A lot of people told me that regarding my babies dying and I just wanted to go ballistic on them. To me, to say that to someone else is like saying “I don’t want to hear about it.” and blowing them off.

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