• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024


How do I un-invite Aphrodite from Thorik and my handfasting?

Thorik says he will take care of it, but.. I still worry that she’ll try to show up. We’ve discussed it and neither of us want her negative energies any where near our ceremony.

I don’t want someone who can so blatently lie to me, expect her daughter to lie to me and Thorik, and still “plan on coming to the handfasting” because even though she is pissed at Thorik and “never dealing with Em again” she is still Thorik’s friend.

So, this is gonna get worse before it gets better. I’ll let Thorik try to handle it. He said to give him till the end of the week. Okay. I don’t like it, I’m a create of “wanting it done NOW” but I’ll give it to him. It’s Wednesday already, so it’s only two days away.

I know he doesn’t want to lose his “friend” but he also agrees that everything that has happened in the past 5 days just isn’t worth our energies and is pure stupidity on her part.

So, she’ll probably still want to get her stuff. *shrug* Thorik’s gonna move it into the garage and she can stop by that weekend and get it. AFTER the handfasting and while Disa is here to “assist”. Basically, we do not want Aphrodite and her husband in the house. Thorik’s working on getting the garage cleaned up and out not only for his woodworking, but so that we can move her shit out to the garage and she can just pack it up (or trash it) there.

Passive aggressives. Go figure.

Me. I want her to know now that she is no longer welcome. My promise that she will always have a place in our home is destroyed by lies. Corkyy, of course, is forever welcome, she already told Thorik that I’m a better mom than Aphrodite ever was. That made me cry happy tears.. Also saddened that in so short a time, I could mean so much to such a wonderful young lady. Although, I did feel that past life connection to her when I first met her…


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