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What was really weird.. I knew…

Jul 27, 2006

Monday night, when I got the late call, I didn’t get there in time to answer.. but I heard my phone beep later that there was a message..

And I called the voice mail.

And the words were simple. No crying. Nothing to give me any clue.

Nothing in particular, just that I should call her back.

I knew.

I knew it was about Michael and Tracy.

I really did.

I chose not to call back that night. I knew I wouldn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep anyway.

Then I found out for certain.

And I still couldn’t sleep.

But I really knew. And there was no way at all that I could have known. There was nothing about anything except I was supposed to call her back.

And I had had a dream the other night about Michael.
We were talking nicely and I was telling him what I had noticed about Tracy and Kevin and even Dessa. She compared them. She wasn’t being fair to either of them. And he told me he was aware of it all. Meanwhile, Tracy was peaking around corners and objects trying to hear what we were talking about..

We shared a chaste kiss and that was all. (there was more to the dream, but that is all that is truly pertinent)

And some of you know how rarely I dream.

This dream was just last week.

Damn crazy world…


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