What a FUN year I’m gonna have!! :)

I love this!!

Thanks Ruby!!!

Jupiter sextile Venus: The right moves

Beginning of August 2012 until beginning of April 2013: This is a very pleasant influence, although you may not feel it very strongly. But if you know it is coming, you can act in certain advantageous ways during this period. However, you will have to take the initiative, which you may not want to do, because one effect of this influence is to make you feel very pleasantly unambitious.… read more

I had this strange encounter at IHOP yesterday evening.
I called in an order and went to pick it up.
The girl, the hostess girl, was unusually attentive. Perhaps even flirty.
I could not judge her age.
I could not pick up if she was flirting or if she was just a damn good hostess.
(instincts say flirty, but not flirty, as in, an attraction but she isn’t gay / bi or hasn’t acknowledged it yet)
She was flustered, which made me flustered (very unusual for me).… read more