• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

A solstice, full moon, eclipse decree of release and renewal

Dec 20, 2010

I, Kris Bethea, aka Em Twilight, do decree that the vows, covenants, contracts, oaths, promises and karmic debts issued in and around my beliefs, interred ideas and relationships with shadow attributes and archetypes no longer serve me in any dimension, any time or any space. I sever all relatedness and karma relating to these shadow attributes and archetypes. I release these beliefs, vows, curses and residues into the light of this full moon, the balance of this solstice and into the lightness and darkness yin yang of this eclipse, and claim the wisdom of all the lessons learned as my divine birthright.
So Mote It Be!!

In perfect harmony our Mother Earth does be
‘tween the Moon and the Sun balanced equally.

Upon this magical Yuletide, an Eclipse we see
the Maiden, Mother, Crone… all Three!
And unto us she bestows a great gift of symmetry
Triple Goddess at the height of our destiny.

Within my rite I welcome:
The Mother birthing life anew…
The Wise Old Crone imparting truth..
The fairest Maiden full of youth…

Kali of dark, Durga of light, balanced on this night you be,
Durga of dark, Kali of light, the truth is dark for all to see.
Cut away my past, I once again ask of thee,
A new path, a new cycle, has been bestowed upon me.

I give great thanks and Blessed Be!

Goddess of death, destruction, Prophecy, justice, and vengeance belong to you.

Goddess of fiery passion, Queen of my heart, light of the dark, dark of the light, Triple Goddess and so much more

I honor you my Mother, my Matron, I honor you with my heart and work.

Thank you Great Mother, Kali, Great Mother, Durga, for destroying my past, bringing it full circle and ending it. Thank you Kali, Durga, for helping me plant new seeds for a new life in your honor. I dedicate myself to you in all your forms. Go if you must, stay if you will.

Blessed Be.


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