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Day 13 – A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days

Dec 13, 2010

A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

Dear Nazareth,
You and your song, Hair of the Dog, got me through times when I felt weak or trod upon. I saw you in concert a long long time ago, at LakeSide near Wilson at the lake (of course, hence the name). It was a great party!


Dear Evanescence,
Seeing you in concert before you were big was the highlight of a time that was, for the most part, horrible. Your song, My Immortal, touches my soul.  Bring Me To Life is nearly about my hero, my hubby and soulmate, John, and My Last Breath always reminds me to breathe and to make everything count… Going Under remind me to never give up.


Dear Styx,
What can I say? Your song, Renegade, has always been my favorite theme song. I never get tired of listening to it. It defined me, child of Indigo, and made me who I am. Everytime I hear your son, I also think of the Gallows at Judge McGreevies, where I spent much of my college years, prior to turning 21. I had some amazing times there. It burnt down, so I only have my memories, and what great memories they are.
Thanks for everything!

Dear Brittney Spears,
Your song, Baby One More Time, is not only how my journalism (Newspaper and Yearbook) students from Vilseck American High School remember me (cuz I played it over and over) it was that song that put me into labor to give birth to my one and only son, Kevin.
Thank you!

Dear Enya, Deep Forest, and Lorena McKennit,
Thank you for being wonderful! :) I have loved my camping trips listening to your music. I love meditating as well as long trips with you along for the ride. Thank you for relaxing me when I needed it.


I'm Me!

3 thoughts on “Day 13 – A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days”
  1. When I got divorced the second time..when I caught him AGAIN with a blond ena cocaine.. it was Alanis Morissette, Jagged Little Pill. Mary got me tickets to her concert in KC when she was at KU. I was hoarse at the end of the concert. Interstingly, I am not turning to music this time. I am turning inward. I KNOW I have the answers this time…..:)

  2. Write a letter… oops…Okay…

    Ms Morrisette, thanks for providing me with the outlet I needed to express myself of the bitter pill of being cheated on again… by the same asshat. Smoochies baby…keep writing…


  3. *grin*
    Ms. Morrisette.. ;)
    Rather fitting!!
    Love ya!!

    Answers are inside and out.. ;)
    Don’t forget to lean on Mother Earth or the gods/goddesses.. They don’t mind. Meditation makes a huge difference.. at least for me…

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