• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Gonna be okay, not great but okay

Things with my boyfriend are going to be okay. Not wonderful, not great, not perfect, but okay.

She and I had it out, on Monday. Yes, it got ugly. And I got the last word. Do I feel happy about that? Yes and no. I didn’t want the argument to end as quickly as it did.
Basically, I told her like it is, and she got upset and called my boyfriend… LOL Little did she know I was standing right next to him when she called. He had to work late and I had joined him to bring him food.

Things exploded briefly that night, then, he and I talked, and things calmed down. The whole situation still has him somewhat upset, but he still loves me and I guess that is the point. *grin* Of course, I doubt that he would have put up with me so long if he did not love me. I can be a true bitch!!!
Of course, I started off the second email with “So, are you calling him a liar?”
Which I, of course, KNEW would piss her off…
But dammit, that was basically what she was saying. That everything he has told me was a lie. And I know better than that. SHE is the one who is lying.. She’s gonna need to grow up, or she’s gonna lose him… And it will be her own fault.

Here is one paragraph I sent her that I am quite proud of
It is often that things are perceived differently. And this may be the case. In many aspects, from how you think I treat him to the things you say about me to him. Perceptions can be just as hurtful, so if you see it and he does not, if it isn’t bothering or upsetting him, why should you allow it to bother or upset you. It is not your concern if he has not found issue with my actions or words. He and I speak plainly to one and other, even if it sometimes hurts. (We do this in private, so you have not witnessed this.) And if he perceives some of your thoughts upon me as unkind, then, once again, isn’t it his perception that matters? This all comes down to him. And I know he is honest with me when I ask him things. I know that he will tell me the truth even if it will hurt. But then, he knows I love him and that truth does hurt sometimes. So, if he perceives things hurtful, harmful, then to him, they are so. If he does not, then they are not. What other people think outside of a friendship or relationship does not matter. It’s what the people involved think and how they react and how they mend anything that does come up. We do not need someone else’s interpretation unless there is dangerous harm coming from it. Everyone that I have talked to has seen a vast improvement in him. In his outlook and in his health. If I was doing bad things to him, he wouldn’t be doing so well, so in part, it is thanks to me that he is doing better.

His response to her whining was
I personally do not believe that you have been an evil influence on our relationship, and have told Em as much. To break everything down into the simplest terms that I can for the sake of understanding I think that the primary issue is that  Em thinks that you attack her and her character on a regular basis to me, and she is tired of having to defend herself against what she feels are unwarranted accusations. Thus, she doesn’t really trust your motivations for wanting to meet with me. Bout it in a nutshell from what I can tell.
Pretty damn good response if you ask me!! ;) It almost brought me to tears!

Speaking of Tears, if you are reading this, please take a moment to wish my friend Heather well, as she just lost her familiar this month and it isn’t easy on her.
I know when I lost China it was positively devastating, and it wasn’t until many years later that I understood why she had to leave me.

Blessings, Heather, you are in my thoughts and I have a candle burning for you and yours.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
*warm hugs*

Blessed Be!


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