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Mr. Runions. You murdered my parents.

Jan 11, 2017 #court, #Runions, #sentencing

This is the letter I wrote to Mr. Runions. Hopefully I can read it in court on Friday.
(update April 2017: it got postponed until April This was a good thing in so many ways. Here was what I ended up reading during the sentencing.. and looking Runions in the eyes: My new statement for the judge for the sentencing )

Mr. Runions, you murdered my parents. You knowingly got into your vehicle after drinking alcohol and you murdered my parents. You were military, I used to be a military spouse, I know how much the military demands that soldiers do not drink and drive. Demands you to have Honor. Demands you employ Military Bearing. That you protect and defend citizens.  And to make matters worse, you were a MEDIC, so you’ve seen the worst, heard the worst; and yet, KNOWING the dangers of drinking and driving, you still drank and then got behind the wheel of a car. Plus, you were a sergeant, meaning you probably not only heard the lectures of drinking and driving, you probably had to give the lectures. You probably had soldiers you were responsible for. Soldiers you were a role model for. Soldiers who no longer can look you in the eye.

You murdered my parents. You left me and my brother without parents.  You left my son without his grandparents. Oh yes, my son, Kevin, yes Mr. Runions, my son’s name is Kevin. Do you know how difficult it is to say or hear your name now? Fortunately, after today, I never ever have to think about you again. No matter what happens, done is done. YOU however will have to live with what you did forever. And ever. You will never forget. My mom and dad. Ron and Marlene Montgomery. My parents. One bad decision leads to painful, soul-wrenching tragedy.


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