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My new breakfasts

Oct 5, 2011

I started drinking Odwalla’s for my breakfast. (Saw that I had some weight gain from some pictures I took from the Halloween setup. I know I’m not fat, but I AM trying to be healthy. Some of the increase is from muscles and doing yoga. )

I really like my Mango Tango, but we were out today, so I drank the Blueberry B. Not great, but good.

Then I went pee. LOL OMG! My urine was YELLOW!
Not just regular yellow, but almost a neon yellow!! HAD to be from the drink, but I had to google it of course.

I found this

Bright yellow urine color is a very good sign.

“It is true that when your body is in a state of optimal nutrition your urine should be a bright straw color. This is due to an abundance of B vitamins. In a healthy state the body will spill out these ‘extra’ water soluble vitamins into the urine. That can happen from taking supplements or eating certain foods that are rich in B vitamins.”

“The B vitamins are essential in fighting stress, proper blood circulation, releasing energy from fats, carbohydrates and proteins to name a few of their important functions. Your body does not produce B vitamins. We are dependent on the foods we eat and the supplements we take to provide them. They are water soluble, extremely fragile and need to be replenished daily.”

Bright yellow urine indicates optimal nutrition

“On the days that you are not fatigued, under stress, or sick, your urine will be this bright straw color. However, when you do become ill, tired, or encounter some unexpected stressful situation your urine will then begin to run clear. That is because your body is now demanding more of these fragile water soluble vitamins.”

“Bright yellow urine is the indication that you have an abundance of nutrition and are prepared for whatever life throws at you.”

Wow! Do *I* feel good about my day!!! LOL

I’m healthier!


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