Quitting smoking, again.
DT is gone, the evil project manager from hell.
Washer and Drier replaced.
Hubby is switching to e-cigs.

Yeah, think I can do this! My son is thrilled!

Oh? DT gone? I didn’t mention that? Shame on me.
Yeah. He left back in August. It wasn’t “official” till much later and still prally shouldn’t say much… but, although he was a nice person (to me anyway, I saw a crueller side to him with another co-worker), he sucked as a programming project manager.… read more

Recently it was suggested that I cannot handle rejection. Well, we all have difficulties handling rejection, but I don’t feel I go out of my way to avoid it. If I did, wouldn’t I avoid friends all together?

It was intimated that I also am solely a people pleaser.  This I had to do some research on and what I found is that I like people to be happy.… read more