• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

The story of me and my son’s Daddy

I just finished sharing my story in a forum. I realized that I had never shared it with my journal. It is an appropriate time to share this story, since my hubby and I managed to forget our anniversary a little over 10 days ago. Married for 7 years, and we BOTH forget it. Really sad, isn’t it?

Well, here is the story of my husband and I.

Really, it all starts at a laundry mat.

One day, my best friend and college roomie and I were doing laundry. It was an unfortunate necessity that we always managed to make fun… including the time we had pizza delivered and we sat there (a group of 5 of us) eating pizza waiting for our clothes to finish. Ah, those were the days..

Anyway, these two really cute guys were already at the laundry mat when we showed up. They were almost finished but we started talking. (I’m friendly type, I talk and flirt with anyone!! : ) Anyway, we ended up exchanging phone number… and lo and behold he called me and invited me to come with him to this group called the SCA

Sure, sounds cool. I had remembered seeing SCA members in the park, dressed in their middle ages garb and the knights in their armor fighting. Yes, this had always interested me.

Anyway, we go out a few times, and while I am very interested in the SCA, my interested in this young man wanes and eventually we just become good friends (and roommates … there was a time when we had 13 roommates in a 5 bedroom house.. ; )

Meanwhile, at one of the SCA gatherings, I see a guy that I have in one of my classes. Unfortunately he is dating someone else, but he is totally gorgeous!! This, too, was not meant to be. He and I did become really good friends tho, as well!

This organization also draws a lot of ladies. Some really good people. I became friends with one of them. (my roomie, by the way, is also still coming to these gatherings, and she even met a very nice young man who was NOT at the laundry mat that day). Anne. She is great fun, and she is still married but is planning the divorce. (heh, I forgot to mention that I was still married too, but I couldn’t get divorce because there was concern that my ex would try and kill himself – and people say that soap operas aren’t real…:) anyway, two married women, getting out of their marriages.. do you see the possibilities here?

Her soon to be ex was military and out in the field, she was still living with him but that was changing within the next week, cuz she was moving in with friends. I guess her ex was seeing this girl who she didn’t care for. A true gold-digger. Anyway, I helped her cause some issues there.

Then, finally, her soon-to-be ex came back, and she told him that there was someone he should me, that *I* was a lot like him and that we could have a lot of fun together. We were both looking for fun and nothing serious, she said.

Well, after we met, we went out for a while. A lot of partying and alcohol was involved with those first months.. including the first night, where I decided that I was not going to sleep with him the first night we met and that I certainly was not going to do it drunk. I still remember when he came into my room, kissed my forehead, then went back to partying. He thought I was sleeping. It was just safer that way. Heh, that night he ended up sleeping with my roomie!! (soap opera? nah)

This all was happening during the summer of 94. By November, we decided to be exclusive. By May 7, 1995, we eloped and were married in the middle of a thunderstorm in a gazebo in a park in Junction City Kansas. What a perfect beginning. In June, he asked my parents for my hand in marriage and in October 1995 we were officially married.

Yup, that is my sordid tale. Seven wonderful years of marriage now… And I still love him like I had just met him.

Goddess, Give me strength!

Blessed Be!!


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